Friday, November 25, 2011

Tut Tut.. It Looks Like Rain

One rainy day, my friend Wendy invited me to her house in Venlo, to learn how to blog. She has a wonderful blog that I love reading. To me, she is so brave and adventuresome. Wendy has so many great stories! She’s an avid walker and is doing this walk through The Netherlands called the Pieter Pad She just hops on trains and goes to her starting point, walks her destination for the day and then stays the night with random people who are part of a biking group. She’s met so many interesting people. I just love listening to her stories!
 After Blogging 101 we had a delicious warm ham and cheese toastie and French Onion soup. Perfect for a cold day!

Venlo is located on the border of The Netherlands and Germany. I had never been to Germany before so we ventured out to make my first crossing. We found a rest stop area where there was a welcome to Germany sign and captured the moment on Camera! With that checked off my bucket list, we drove onto the little town of Kaldenkirchen. We were headed to a grocery store that sells a lot of American products but got distracted when we found a thrift store. We could not get enough into our bags. The prices were great and the money was going to help children in need. We are definitely going back there!

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