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My Little Dutch ABC Book F

My Little Dutch ABC Book
Frikandel ~ Hot dog shaped meat ball thingy
It’s funny, when people ask me what is Dutch food like I have to sit and ponder a moment. First of all, some of the most beautiful food has been served to me at restaurants here. There is a fine art of presentation of food. There are so many great food choices. But also, like in America, the Dutch love their fried food.
French fries are served with everything!!! And even if you don’t order French fries there is a heaping bowl of table fries served for everyone to enjoy (with mayonnaise). Try it… its actually fabulous!

Bitterballen I’ve already mentioned as well. Little balls of fried whipped meat that you dip into a mustard sauce. Mmmm lekker!!!

My youngest daughter’s favorite… Kipcorn. Think chicken nugget that is shaped into a hotdog and served on a bun. She used to love Friday’s at school… kipcorn day.

And then there’s Frikandel. 

People love it! And by people, I mean… not me. Ok, I’ve never tried it but I can’t go t…