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MOOOOOOve On Over… 

It’s time to make some Dutch Cheese.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… the farm animals here in The Netherlands are so beautiful. They are healthy, have beautiful coats and just over all look like a picture postcard.

This week, my friends and I who are part of the Cultural Club in Eindhoven, went to Kaasboerderij De Ruurhoeve. The cheese farm is located in Hoogeloon just a short drive from my house. Who could resist an opportunity to make cheese while living in The Netherlands?!

We washed our hands, gathered around tables, put on our aprons and handkerchiefs and were ready to learn about the process to make the award winning Dutch cheese.

Cheese making, according to our leader, begins in the pasture. The cows are allowed to graze all day on the Dutch green grass. Weather outside in the pasture or inside the barn, the ladies enjoy a nonstop eating buffet. The cow’s healthy chew eventually turn in the stomach where it is digested and eventually ends up in…