Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Little Day Tripper

's-Hertogenbosch or more commonly known as Den Bosch is one of the many close delightful cities near Eindhoven. The town’s name means The Duke’s Forest and is named for Henry 1, Duke of Brabant. The city dates back to1185 and has many historic buildings still intact.

Only about a half hour drive, we made the way to Den Bosch one day for a little shopping. We had heard there was a lot to choose from and were delighted to see the city the day a carnival was also in town. The city centrum was full of people, booths, games, rides and food. We made our way through winding streets, looked down at the beautiful canals with boats parked lining the edge of the canal. It’s one of the only places in Europe where the boats go under the buildings. We finally found an adorable little restaurant and sat outside sipping wine, watching the people pass… a favorite European pastime.

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