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Welcome to Texas Y'all!

With the Holiday season quickly approaching; our family left The Netherlands to travel back to the States to be with the rest of our family. Stockings were hung, presents had been purchased and the tree was trimmed. We arrived in Dallas with our family already gathered and waiting. And while we always go to mass on Christmas Eve and open presents Christmas morning, there was one gift from my daughter and her boyfriend that we got to enjoy early. Christmas at Jerry’s house. That would be Jerry Jones.. owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboy’s would be playing the New Orleans’s Saints and the game would start at noon. And in true classic football style, we decided to tailgate before the game. We arrived at the stadium at 9:30am.. broke out the cocktails and the  grill to make breakfast burritos with  grilled sausage, scrambled eggs and salsa.

Heading into the stadium, we were thrilled to run into our friends Karen and Ed. Hugs, laughter and catching up with each other…. Priceless.
The Da…

This Christmas

Christmas has always been special to me. As the baby of my family, my parents and sisters made sure each Christmas was warm, cozy and full of wonderful memories. For some reason, my mother got away with the fact that she could only cook a few things.. Chop Suey, Pork and Sauerkraut, and Meat Loaf. These were three things that really didn’t belong on the Christmas table. Luckily my grandma was a wonderful cook. She had cooked for an elementary school in my home town for most of her adult life. My Grandma Anne would always do all the cooking.. turkey, potatoes, pies, .. everything. And I happily never cooked anything till I got married.
As a teen, my friends and I would bundle up every year to go Christmas Caroling, tobogganing, and skating. We also did some pretty stupid things in the snow (now that I think about it). A donuts  this is where you drive your car, then swerve and slam on the brakes till you were circling and spinning like a donut. Shagging (yes, I know what that is in Eng…

A Broken Heart

On a cold autumn morning in The Netherlands, I entered the door to my place of worship, the Catholic Church, Heilig Hartkerk or Sacred Heart Church. Attending the morning mass would be different for my family that day. Since moving to The Netherlands, we have been attending mass on Sunday afternoons. This is when an English mass is offered. But we were at the Dutch morning mass for a reason. We were there to join the Sacred Heart community as one group, as a unity of prayer. We were there to join hands, to sing and to pray. We were there to say good bye.

As the somewhat new girl on the block, I’m still stunned at what is happening here in The Netherlands. I moved from Texas, which sits firmly in “The Bible Belt”. Most people not only attend church every Sunday without fail, a lot of people also attend church Wednesday evenings. There are also many activities that go on throughout the week so that people can have a chance to gather and form a closer community spirit. But, with a steep …

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Well,we have a winner! The winner of my beautiful homemade soap goes to my friend and neighbor from when I was a little girl growing up in Michigan. Bill! Congratulations!!

A big thank you to all my friends who played along and made my soap making so much fun!