Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eet smakelijk

I've discovered that shopping for groceries is a sport! Not only do I have to drive my cart sideways, I have to bag my own groceries! (yes, I know I'm a brat) but the worst part is the old ladies. If you're walking, they just plow right into you. After apologizing several times to several different people.. I thought WTH... Now.. I just plow them back!
Shopping for food is a great way to meet new friends and neighbors. The people in The Netherlands are always very kind and ready to help me translate the labels.  In the meat department.. there truly is mystery meat. My newest discovery was rabbit.. just laid up there right next to the chickens.
One day I did find a bunch of new snacks. Between the Chocolade Shooters and the Disco Bits, I'm thinking these may be good! But ya gotta wonder about Come and Get it though.
My daughter and I were looking for syrup for our poffertjes (little pancakes) and had found that it was basically sugary sludge. She said..I'm thinking that if it says "All Natural" that means it's disgusting! Where's Aunt Jemima when you need her?

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