Sail Amsterdam 2015 ~ Sunday Brunch Fun!

Sail Amsterdam 2015

Sunday Brunch Fun!

With the knowledge that we would be ending our time in The Netherlands and also having my best friend leave within a few weeks, my friends and I decided to join in the fun of Sail Amsterdam 2015.


Sail Amsterdam is a nautical event that takes place in Amsterdam every 5 years. This magnificent event began in 1975 with the celebration of Amsterdam’s 700th anniversary and has grown to include more than 600 ships.

Stunning tall ships all the way down to little dinghy boats all steering their way through the North Sea canal before mooring around the IJhaven (Port of Amsterdam) in Amsterdam.


We boarded our cruise type ship excited to be sharing a beautiful August day. Brunch would be served and we would have a few hours of cruising along all the beautiful ships.


We ended our day at the Amsterdam Harbour Club. The wind in our hair and smiles on our faces we toasted to our friendship and a memory that would last a lifetime. Apparently 2.3 million other visitors to Sail Amsterdam in 2015 also have a similar memory. Life at times is truly amazing!


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