My Little Dutch ABC Book ~ W

My Little Dutch ABC Book


Water ~ Water

Ohhhh a nice easy word for me but such a difficult word for the world. Some places have little or no water and others have so much they really don’t know how to control the water.
The Dutch controlling the North Sea from flooding.

There were so many times when I was living in The Netherlands that I would hear my friends from Texas complain about the drought. Oh how I wished I could send the rain from The Netherlands back home. It just didn’t seem fair. But I would have to say the opposite applies as well. So many times while skyping with my children, they would be in shorts and t shirts complaining how hot it was and I was on the other side of the world bundled up in blankets trying to stay warm. After days of clouds and rain… just begging for a little sun.
The best way to enjoy the Texas heat!

With roughly 1/3 of The Netherlands is actually below sea level. The Dutch have had to master the art of containing the sea. What’s it like to live below sea level? It really doesn’t even sound weird… but I can tell you on train rides to and from Amsterdam there is a section where you are riding just lazily looking out the window only to see water and barges passing by at a slightly higher elevation. Hmmmm A little unsettling but still stunning!

View through the 7 Bridges in Amsterdam.

But the stunning result from all that water and reclaiming of land is what makes The Netherlands so very beautiful! Healthy grass, trees, people and even the animals just seem to all look so incredibly healthy.
Beautiful Belted Galloway's or Oreo Cows as myself and many others like to call them.

Water…. It’s a good thing!
Enjoying the view while sailing in Sail Amsterdam 2015.


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