My Little Dutch ABC Book ~ X

My Little Dutch ABC Book


Texel ~ Tessel An island is West Frisian Islands in The Netherlands

Texas ~Tejas A state within The United States of America

Yes, once again, I know my word of Texel does not start with an X but it is MY Little Dutch ABC Book so I reserve the right to mix things up when I want. Just all part of my folksy charm. First I have to admit that I have never been to Texel. But it is on my Bucket List. If I am ever blessed with the opportunity to go back to The Netherlands, Texel will be one of my stops.

As I’m in Texas... I thought it would be fun to compare the two places that sound similar. That is if you try to strain your ear really hard. Ok, they don’t sound alike but still fun!

Population: Texel ~ 13,641 Ok that’s not fair... The Netherlands ~ 16.85 million

                    Texas~ over 27.5 million.... The US of A ~ 318.86 million

As similar sounding are their names, the two places couldn’t be more different but then again still be so much the same.

With 30 Kilometers of beach, people in Texel love sporting by the sea. Beachcombing, hiking, swimming and even parachuting are favorite pastimes in this beautiful area.

In Texas you really can’t think Texas without thinking football... no not voetbal but American football.  Yes there are many many other sports... but football and Texas go hand in hand. Not only do you have our professional football teams like the Dallas Cowboys and that other team down south that I won’t mention... but how can you live in Texas and not enjoy the Friday Night Lights. That’s right, High School football ranks right up with there with the big boys for excitement. In my little town...

Eagles football looking for that State Title
Always held at the Cowboy's Stadium

But that Eagle stadium aint to shady! Yes this here is
high school football, right here deep in the heart
of Texas

But Texel is also famous for their sheep. The white faced little sweeties with no wool on their faces or legs. Known not only for their beauty but also their lean meat and wool.

Texas.... well I’d say they’re pretty famous for their Longhorn cows. Drive along the back highways or even in downtown Fort Worth.  In Fort Worth you’ll get to see these beauty’s right up close and personal 2 times a day.

Flowers... both have amazing flowers that fill their fields and highways.

Texel, tulips

and Texas Bluebonnets.

Equally stunning in their own right.

Ok, that’s enough X fun comparing for now.... xoxo American Girl in Holland


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