Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Windmill Wednesdays ~ The Roosdonck

Welcome to Windmill Wednesdays!

In my attempt to bring more of The Netherlands to my friends and family back in the States I ventured into an idea to feature a different windmill every Wednesday. My initial thought was to travel to each windmill in person for up close and personal photos. Hmmmmm We might have to amend that a tiny bit. The Netherlands may be small but that’s a whole lot of driving. But we shall see. There may be a chance that I feature a windmill, photo credit someone else and then add to the blog if I have the chance to visit the windmill. Here’s hoping….

My first windmill to be featured by this American Girl is….

The Rosedonck in Nuenen, The Netherlands

Windmill Roosdonck 
Gerwenseweg 2 
5674 SG Nuenen 

The Rosedonck is a grain mill and located in Nuenen. The mill collapsed during a tragic accident during the mill building process. One boy was crushed but all of the others were only slightly injured. After years of operation and being bought and sold to various people, the municipality of Nuenen finally bought the mill in 1970. After a major reconstruction in 1996 the mill was once again in the hands of private owners.

The Roosdonck’s beauty was captured on many drawings made famous from the artist Vincent Van Gogh. If you visit Nuenen, be sure to visit the Vincentre in the city centrum.

With the help of “Friends of the Roosdonck” this beautiful mill is able to keep a historical figure in Nuenen a beautiful sight to see.


  1. Love it! Can't wait to start checking out some of your great locations around Holland. Keep up the great work.