Fashion Fridays ~ Fab or Funny?

Fashion Fridays ~ Fab or Funny?

When I came up with this idea I had visions of me running around Holland snapping pictures of funny and fabulous outfits here in The Netherlands. But then I began to think… “That’s not very nice.” So I will always try my best to have a model or a shop selling an item to see what we think…. Fab or Funny?

If you would like to comment below, please do so. Comments have to go through a monitor because I’ve had several spammers.  But once I see they are legit they go right on.

Ok here is the American Girl’s Fashion Friday ~ Fab or Funny?

A little music to get us in the mood....

Ok, we're looking at two different scenes from Carnival. 

What do you think? Fab or Funny? I say FABULOUS Darling!!! 


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