Throwback Thursdays ~ The Trek to Holland

Throwback Thursdays
In honor of the beginning of Throwback Thursdays, I thought I would start by saying what I believe I would like to feature in this section. Throwback… going back, to what things were like, what people were like and what they did in life a time back in history, any time in history.

Throwback Thursdays
The Trek to Holland
October 15, 2011

Funny how life can be moving along one day, and the next, your life is packed into boxes and crates ready to be shipped around the world.

 After growing up in Michigan and then living in Texas all of my adult life, our family moved to The Netherlands. Usually around my age people go through a midlife crisis. I wouldn't call this a crisis, but life altering~yes!

We arrived in The Netherlands on July 4th, 2011. For my home country this would be Independence Day. For me, this would be Where Can I Find the Closest Bed Day. We arrived at Schipple Airport in Amsterdam with our luggage, two of our kids and our two dogs in tow.

 After we collected our luggage and Missy and Sugar showed the border patrol their Paw's Ports, we were on our way to Eindhoven where we would be living. 

We were all so tired but drove straight to our new house. While everyone else was unloading our luggage, I took the two dogs through the house. We had not been there one minute when all of a sudden Sugar found a pond in the back yard that I didn't even know was there.

 It was a square cube and she couldn't get out because the sides were too steep. So I had to haul this 120lbs dog out of the water! What a mess! Not to be out done, Missy went in next. Again, I had to haul a cold wet dog out of the water! By this time everyone else was finally in the house just in time to see 2 dirty, wet, smelly dogs and me soaked to the skin! Welcome to Holland!~


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