Windmill Wednesdays The Bergeijk Standermolen

Windmill Wednesdays
The Bergeijk Standermolen

Ekkerstraat 4
LH 5571
Bergeijk, The Netherlands

The Bergeijk Standermolen was originally built in the 14th century. The earliest mention of the mill is in 1330. Residents of Bergeijk were required to bring their grain to the mill to be ground for the Nobertine Abbey in Postel. The Abbey had several mills in the area that did this which gave the Abbey a permanent source of income.

The current mill was built around 1758. Standermolen means standard mill. This beautiful mill in Bergeijk has no name.

The Bergeijk Standermolen is a post mill which is earliest type of European windmill. The body of the mill, that houses the machinery, is mounted on a single vertical post around which it can be turned to bring the sails into the wind. 

The town of Bergeijk has owned this windmill since 1955 and was restored in 1970. But due to poor conditions of the mill and harsh effects from the weather the decision was made in 2003 to close the mill.  Luckily this beautiful windmill sits proudly in the middle of a roundabout for everyone to see as they pass through town. The Bergeijk Windmill or “Little Miss No Name” as I like to call her really needs a name. But I guess The Bergeijk Windmill sounds pretty fabulous!

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  1. By "close" it, do you mean it is no longer being maintained and is deteriorating again?

    1. The mill is owned by the city so they keep her looking beautiful. It no longer is a working mill. I didn't see the inside but apparently there are all sorts of cool etchings inside. I would love to see that some day. If I do... I'll post pictures.


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