Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Little Dutch ABC Book ~ S

My Little Dutch ABC Book


Stroopwaffles ~ Syrup Waffles

A delicious Dutch delight that began in the early 1800’s in Gouda, The Netherlands. Gerard Kamphuisen is given credit for inventing the Stroopwaffel ussing left over breadcrumbs from his bakery and sweetening them with syrup. He took the dough and rolled it into a ball and pressed them into a waffle press. Then sliced the waffle open, sweetened it with syrup. Putting the two halves back together glues the stroopwaffle together.

My favorite way to enjoy a stroopwaffle… place the stroopwaffle over a hot cup of coffee… this melts the syrup and softens the waffle. Mmmmmm lekker!!!

Stroopwaffle holder that  gave my children.

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