Rave On

Rave On

One of the first things I noticed when moving to The Netherlands was the intense music that is played not only on the radio 24-7 but in the clubs as well. This beautiful country not only knows tulips, windmills and water solutions… they also know how to party. But when does the party end? Not anytime soon.

Monday 7:00AM… Traffic report then Rave……Tuesday afternoon.. weather report.. then Rave On…and on and on and on. This just leads up to the weekend when the real party starts. But truly this leads to two of the biggest party times that are almost upon us, Carnival and then King’s Day.

I’ve always been a person who loves all types of music.. so a little Rave here and there is great. But seriously it’s like being in a club all day long. A lot of songs have been remixed so that they have that pounding beat like in a club. Luckily my car radio does have other buttons programmed in because sometimes it’s a bit too much. I need a little Tom Jones mixed in with my Rave.. or as it also might be described… a little milk with my coffee.

Here are a few of my Fave Raves…

New World Sound & Thomas Newson ~ Flute

Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway ~ Wizard

Not sure if this is Rave.. but seriously my favorite song.. ready for summer again.

Wildstylez Feat. Niels Geusebroek ~ Year of Summer

I can tell you why I like Rave... outside of the slight headache that sometimes creeps in... it usually puts me in a good, fun, festive mood. Enjoy and Rave On!!

Or as the very explicit songs says… 

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat


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