Merry Little Monschau

Merry Little Monschau

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I made a promise to myself. Slow down and just enjoy the moment. Sometime it’s hard to get into the swing of a holiday unless you are near your family and home land.

 I LOVE Christmas… the whole Christmas season. I usually start enjoying Christmas music around the first of October and start decorating my home before the American Thanksgiving. But this year.. I held on to fall a bit longer. The Netherlands has experienced an exceptional summer and fall with glorious days filled with sun. So as December barreled through I was a tad slow to pull out my Christmas decorations. I usually only purchase a few gifts from Europe as it’s a tad difficult to carry them in my luggage when we head for the States.

 But I do make it a point to get to at least one European Christmas market a year. A lot of the home improvement type stores usually go all out and make their store into a small market. But to truly enjoy the season, you really need to get into the towns that are set up for some really good fun shopping.

A few of my American friends and I decided to go to Monschau, Germany to have a girls Christmas Market weekend. Thanks to the great planning of our friend Kelly, we arrived early on Friday and planned to leave on Sunday. We missed the crowed traffic coming in and leaving. It was perfect.

Monschau is this amazing little village that is set into the rolling hills of Germany. It’s picture perfect, still looking as it did hundreds of years ago. What could be more perfect than spending the weekend with fabulous friends shopping, drinking gluhwein, laughing and dining at delicious German restaurants.

The cobblestoned streets are narrow and were filled with merry shoppers all enjoying the beautiful market. Market stalls and shops filled with ornaments, Christmas trees, candy, sausages, cheese, little Christmas trinkets, Nutcrackers, German Smokers and so many delights I’m sure to a child it’s just a dream come true. I know my heart was full of joy.

Our weekend was amazing and we knew we were blessed beyond words. Six American Girls who met across a great pond but still enjoy the same humor and understanding and were able to celebrate friendship in picture perfect Monschau. 

Kelly, Linda, Me, Jennifer, Hope and Megan

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


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