A House is a Home for Me International House Hunting

A House is a Home for Me
International House Hunting

Well, over the last few months I’ve been a tad busy finding a new home for my family. When we moved to The Netherlands three years ago in my melt down between making an international move, finding an international school for my daughter and dealing with the fact that I’d be leaving two of my children, family and friends behind… I knew I needed and wanted to find a house that would be our home away from home. I had only 1 day to look when we flew into visit the school. Through jet lag and tears of reality of what a global move really meant to my family.. I carefully found the perfect house that would become our home.

I’ve done a lot in the last three years. I’ve traveled to England, France, Germany, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium, Hungary, and Italy and of course many places in The Netherlands.  I’ve met so many amazing friends from all over the world, some friends that are still here and some that have sadly already gone back to their homelands. I would say that is the hardest part of being an expat…. Making friends and then having them leave when their time is finished.

But part of me being me…. Is the fact that I also love to be home. From my coffee in the morning 

till a little wine at night, 

 with my family and my dogs by my side…

 all is all right. And that is why it was important for me to find a home…

When is a house a home?
A house is a home when you walk in with ease

A house when you walk in and say I could live here please

A house that is filled with more than just stuff
A house that can handle a move that is rough.

A family that moves ‘cross the big sea to the house
A family at times that is as scared as a mouse.

A house that cradles the family and takes them in
A house that gives them courage to let a new life begin

A house with a beautiful view of the morning sun

A house with natures loved ones calling with the day is done.

A house that welcomes family and friends

A house that is home… ‘till the very end.

But as our littlest one gets ready to leave our nest it is time for us to go to a new home. A house that is a little smaller, a little slower paced but still with enough space to welcome our family and friends. Still in The Netherlands, just a little further out of the city. Our new home... beautiful. And let's just say.. I'll be embracing the hippos. More to come on that. 

A big thank you to our friends Daan and Didi for letting us live in their home. We have been beyond blessed and grateful. 


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