What American's Look Like to the Rest of the World.. According to the Dutch

The other day, my friend and I were on a tour in Paris. We were having a wonderful time laughing with all of the people from our tour group but one person said… You girls are not typical American’s. Ummmm We’re not? We were completely shocked by this statement.

Here we sat with our blonde hair, blue eyed looks laughing and talking with our Texas accents. How could we not look or sound American? So we asked.. What does an American look like?

Well, they said, “They always wear”… And I said, “ok stop right there. If you are about to say cowboy hat… stop!” “Not everyone in America or Texas for that matter, wear cowboy hats.”

No, they said, “They always wear plaid or checked colored pants and they pull them really high. And they kind of walk really goofy!”
I laughed and tried to reassure them that no, not all American’s looked like this. But now I cannot get this image out of my mind.

So here it is… This is what everyone else thinks American’s look like.

No wonder everyone thinks were a little different. 


  1. Don't worry about it, Lisa. According to other nationalities Germans always wear Lederhosen...

    1. Ok.. I had to Google Translate but seriously laughed out loud! Would that be John Travolta leather pants or leather pants with the suspenders like they were in the Alps? :) Big difference.

  2. Hilarious!! Lol! I'm glad I found your blog. Looking forward to read more when I'm back home. Hope you guys had a safe flight back to The Netherlands. You must be so happy to be reunited with your 'babies' again!
    ~ Maaike

  3. My babies are tucked in safely back at home. Maaike.. it was so lovely meeting you and your family. Hope to see you again soon.~Lisa


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