Look Out Netherlands!

Papers ready ~ Check

Chipped ~ Check

Crate bought ~ Check

Airline Ticket ~ Check

Vet Check Up ~ Check

Be a certain age ~ Check

Have to wait with mom and dad a little longer because of rule above ~ Check 

Last one to leave the litter so you get to help take all your brothers and sisters to their new homes. ~ Check

Trained on how to use the straw for drinking ~ ?  What do you want me to do?

Send official papers to the USDA to get approval 21 days before flight ~ Check

Check with The Netherlands ~ Check

Wait for papers from USDA ~ Check

Still waiting ~ Check

Call them! ~ Check

Be told that they will not sign off because of reason A B C D ~ Check

It’s now just days before your flight ~  Check

Scramble around calling every government body known to the US and The Netherlands. ~ Check

Jump through more hoops for the USDA ~ Check

The Netherlands…. What? What do they want? Umm yes it’s fine! ~ Check

Teach the people at the USDA to read their own website! ~ CHECK!

Tears of Joy when it’s finally settled! ~ Check!

Ok, here's one to make everyone smile today. Our boy Dirk with the Bluebonnets of Texas. Getting ready to leave Texas, The United States of America and Apple Pie.. Headed for the land of Tulips, Windmills and his new family. 


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