To Queen Beatrix and our new King Willem Alexander ~ The Love of a Child

When I grow, up a Princess is what I will be
 I’ll live in a castle, wear pretty shoes and dresses
And help the people I see.

But her mommy said to her wee little one
You are a Princess and Queen of The Netherlands
You will one day be, when my day is done.

The little girl smiled, held her mommy tight and traced the lines of her hand
And she grew up just like he mommy had said…
Princess, then Queen of The Netherlands.

All the people of the kingdom adored her and honored her name
And every year they gathered together to celebrate her birthday, for they all felt the same.

To Queen Beatrix they’d shout as they called out her name
Enjoying the sun, their friends as they all joined in games.

Time marched on, windmills turned and tulips bloomed
And all of the great land of The Netherlands stayed happy and groomed.

 Soon in the Castle there was a new little one.
A little boy who jumped from the chairs, ran through the grass
 And using a fake sword, he showed his beloved mother the land he had won.

Mommy, when I grow up, a Prince is what I will be
I will be kind and smart and that you will see.

His mother said yes, I think this is so
A Prince who is kind and adored by the people
 Ready to be King, when it’s my time to go.

The little boy smiled and hugged his mother tight
Knowing in his heart, that she was always right.

He would be King and help the great people of The Netherlands
Windmills would turn, tulips would grow and by his side, his mother would stand.

And so this year of 2013 as we gather to celebrate the birthday of our beloved Queen
Ready to take his place as King, her beloved son will be seen. 


  1. I am a little sad because I don't think Willem-Alexander is going to be wearing hats nearly as fabulous as his mothers ;)

    It is an exciting time to be in the country though, watching history be made!

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