Living in a central location in Europe is great! You can drive a short distance here or there and you’re in another country. When visitors come, they are always excited to see the many places. You can’t come to Holland without going to see the windmills or if you’re lucky to be here at the right time the beautiful show of tulips. In my opinion the Anne Frank House is a must and if you have a bit of spunk in you, then sure, take a walk through the Red Light District.  But it’s very fun to say “Hey want to go to Belgium?” It’s only a half hour drive from our house across the border to my most favorite serene place…. The Postel Abbey.

The abbey was founded in 1138 by the Norbertines in Mol, near the Dutch border. They had a great reputation for being hospitable and welcomed many people who were homeless or hungry. They would feed 1000’s of people a week. During lent close to 5000 people would pass through the abbey looking for food, shelter or a pair of shoes. The White Canons began making their own cheese, bread and beer among growing their own herbs to support themselves. Even though the beer is now made off site you can still buy these things at the Abbey stores.

As you come to the little corner where the abbey sits, there’s a slight bustle of people parking, walking about, shopping in the little cheese shops or sitting in one of the little cafes enjoying a meal or having a taste of the wonderful Postel Beer.  But once you pass through the archway and are inside the abbey walls all are quiet and respectful. Deer graze in a little fenced in area and herbs grow in the gardens. It’s impossible to not appreciate the beauty of the abbey and the surrounding buildings.

Also on site is a pest house. Apparently when people were being plagued by the plague, they would be locked up in a pest house to contain the disease. It’s located in the middle of the herb garden.

So, if you have the time and would like to enjoy a little calming and relaxing day, take a little trip across the border to Belgium.  A little stroll around the Postel abbey and then a wonderful meal at one of the cafes is a great way to spend the day.


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