The Bear Pit

If you remember or if you’ve been following my little blog for a while, I wrote in December about my new found love and appreciation for Graffiti. You can discover the beautiful graphic paintings all over Eindhoven. Some people think its disrespectful marking up the walls of the city. Not me! I find it unique, beautiful and very inspiring. To me graffiti not only means art but also youth and vitality. I do firmly believe that graffiti has its place and limits. Not all buildings and houses should be marked. But in Eindhoven, there is a very cool place where graffiti not only covers the walls, the walls become the art. Welcome to the Bear Pit!

The Berenkuil or Bear Pit is located in one of the cities many larger roundabouts. The roundabouts are confusing enough with your GPS telling you to stay in the middle lane, take the third exit and exit left. But throw in a continuous wall to wall art display and you get a tad distracted. It’s best to just pull over to park, get out and walk, and enjoy.

Even on a normal day you can find graffiti artitists working on their craft. Take for example three artists I came upon one day while walking in the Berenkuil. Maus4, Just and Huge. These talented young men, love displaying their art and sharing their passion with the world. Take a walk under the roundabout and discover their work. 

Maus4,Just and Huge

Once a year Eindhoven now hosts an event called Step into the Arena.  The past years graffiti is painted over covering all the walls in black. Then the artists begin again. This past weekend my friend Megan and I went to see the event. Raincoats on, hoodies up, we went out to enjoy not only the artists but the elements as well. If the rain wasn’t going to stop them, then it wasn’t going to stop us either.

Vendors were set up in the middle area selling all sorts of snacks and drinks. An area for music was set up but no one was there due to the rain. The fresh smell of pot and paint mixed together filled the air. Megan and I laughed… only in Holland! But….. all over the Berenkuil were the artists and their beautiful works of art being created. It’s amazing to see someone with just a can of spray paint create something that can look so life like or unique.

The artist at the top of the stairs disappearing into the mist. 

The artists show up from all over the world. They bring their scaffolding, suitcases full of spray paint, usually a sketch of what they are going to create and sometime a few groupies.  

Mr. Dheo and Smug

I stepped up to meet a few of the street artists …. meet Mr. Dheo and Smug. Mr. Dheo is from Portugal and Smug or Smug Bastard as his friend calls him, is from Scotland. Yes, they flew in just for this event. It is one of the largest graffiti events in Europe. No he doesn’t wear a skirt but if he did he might go Commando! This funny Scot and his friend have amazing talent and a love for sharing it with the world.


My next encounter was with an artist from Eindhoven. Meet Sven! This young graphic artist lives in the city that is famous for graffiti and is ready to show the world his talent. He sent me a picture of his finished painting as it was going to take a few more hours and I was leaving. I asked what her name was and if she had a story. He said no… but now we will call her Lisa. J She doesn’t have my blue eyes but having an artist name a painting after you is freakin fabulous! My thanks to Sven.. you can bet my friends from around the world and also from our little city of Eindhoven will all come to see your painting named Lisa.

By Sven
This American Girl is tickled pink!


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