Calling all Angels

Who are angels? To someone it may be the person at the market who held the door for you while you fumbled with your cart. To others it may be the person who grabbed you right before you stepped into oncoming traffic. Do they float around looking out for us all? Do they have enormous white wings? Are they Invisible? Do they walk among us? Or do they smoke and look like John Travolta? Hmmmm…

If only all angels could look like John Travolta and smell like fresh cookies

We all have angles that look out for our best interest all day long; at least this is what I believe. Angels we can pray to, angles we talk to and ask for guidance, angels who are there to watch over our children and loved ones and angels who we can call on our cell phones. Say What???  “What cha talkin bout Willis?” Yes, my American friends are laughing right now. (Tune into reruns of Different Strokes if you don’t have a clue what I just saidJ)

The Little Angel
Ton Mooy

Yes, with today’s technology everything is possible. I am across the world but I can get a hold of my children that live in the states at the push of a button. Thanks to texting I can text my kids and ask a question and if they’re awake get an immediate response. That’s of course if there’s money involved that benefits them in some way. Other questions may take a little while to get an answer. I can Skype with my sisters and feel like we’re in the same room laughing and having fun. Via Facebook, I’m able to chat, play scrabble and keep in touch with friends I went to Kindergarten with. And yes, thanks to phones I’m able to talk with friends and family to stay in touch.

But calling an angel on your cell? Well, yes! I have visited many churches in the many places I have visited. I love the detail and the hard work that people over the centuries put into building a place of worship. In ‘s Hertogenbosch, there is a church called St. John’s Cathedral. Building of the beautiful gothic style Sint Jan’s church, in Den Bosch, began around 1220.

St. John's Cathedral
's Hertogenbosch

Over the years many restorations have taken place with the latest having a unique little angel wearing jeans and chatting on a cell phone. Special permission was granted to the artist, Ton Mooy to add this whimsical little darling to the array of angels and gargoyles that adorn the beautiful basilica.

An anonymous person put on twitter a number where you can call her and tell her your prayers, pleas or just a quick chat about your day. If you can’t get through it’s because she’s on the line with someone else J . She will also not be able to call you back… she has just one button on her cell.

"'The phone has just one button,' says the artist. ‘It dials directly to God.'" Make of it what you will.

Of course the church did not like this (because they didn’t think of it first) so they have their own number that you can call for .80c a min. and all money goes to help with restoration of the church.

Well, this American Girl doesn’t believe in charging money for a prayer to be heard but you decided on your own. Either way, it’s sweet that this precious little angel is here for us all and will listen to us and help guide us through the many adventures in our lives. Many thanks to Ton Mooy for his playful sense of artistry and to God for giving him the gift he has to be able to share with the world.

Free call: 06-263-47470

Twitter account:  ut Engelke (the little angel)

.80c call: 0900 look it up yourself. I don’t believe in a church charging for the price of a prayer. I’m sure there are other ways to raise money to help pay for the restoration of the church.

Well said!


  1. I loved Travolta's depiction of an angel in Michael, and you KNOW how I feel about technology LOL. Great post!

    1. John T could be in anything horrible and I would still love him. But yes, LOVED him as an angel!!! Technology, I'm surprised I know how to hit reply to answer this comment. LOL Thanks Megan!!!


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