My Little Dutch ABC Book ~ O

My Little Dutch ABC Book


Oudejaarsavond ~ Old Year’s Evening

With the approaching Holiday season upon us and our calendars about the turn to a page I thought I’d share a story I wrote the first time I discovered the meaning of the letter O word for the day. Here in The Netherlands, instead of celebrating New Year’s Eve.. the Dutch celebrate Old Year’s Evening.

I wrote this first one December 31, 2011

This story I wrote January 1, 2015. As I reread this story about Oudejaarsavond celebrated here in The Netherlands, I’m reminded of what some think of the insanity of Americans and their love for guns. I guess having a love for fireworks is not too far off. We all have our ways and a few adjustments to both, people might be a tad safer.

This is how my friends and I like to celebrate in America. We usually check into a hotel with our best friends so that no one has to drive after drinking and then we have dinner and dance the night away. So much fun!!


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