Thursday, October 3, 2013

A House Divided

A House Divided

A house divided is like a heart divided. After a recent trip back to the good ole US of A, I realized it only takes a few moments for the rush of familiarity to take hold of your heart.

The Texas summer heat engulfs you as you exit the plane but cool air welcomes you home as you enter the main building of the airport ready to go through customs.
Embracing my children and family, we make a plan for our time we would get to spend together. Selfishly I plan two days to spend with my girls for alone time with mommy. Shopping, lunches, Mani/Pedi’s, laughter and the joy of just being together.

 It’s funny but when the kids were all little and all the moms were busy scheduling car pools, I was the mom avoiding them like the plague. To me, that might be the only 30-60 minutes my kids would be trapped with me alone in my car. Unable to talk to their friends, they would talk to me. Of course this was pre texting days. It’s how we learned a lot about each other and our days and I still treasure my alone times with each of my children.

But right now in our lives we are divided by a lot of miles and an ocean. As I walk into our Texas home, I’m greeted by my children’s pets, Coco, Tucker and Rocky. Tucker the cat says hello and then runs to hide while Coco and Rocky engage in a game of chase that goes on for days and days. 

My children have left their own mark on our home, a cozy family room and an inviting kitchen waiting to be filled with our family. On the walls are the gifts they have received from us or they have bought themselves. 

It’s Europe all over the walls and shelves. France, England, Belgium, Germany and of course The Netherlands line up along with family photos all over the house.

Our family is USA all the way… but what we have all become also is a heart divided. A love for the US, our core, our upbringing our history our pride and joy from shore to shore and a love for Europe with its historical beauty and charm. Understanding and appreciating many different cultures is a gift. I thank God for the opportunity to expose my family to differences around the world which has in turn shown them how much people, cultures and homes are alike. 

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