Fashion Friday’s ~ Fashion Weekend in Eindhoven

Fashion Friday’s
Fashion Weekend in Eindhoven

What’s better than Fashion Friday’s? Fashion Week in New York City! But, sadly I’m not able to jet off for the East Coast via my Hamptons summer retreat, so the next best thing….. Fashion Weekend in Eindhoven!!!

Thank God we don’t all have to walk the streets with people like Heidi Klum but it’s easy to avoid being fashion road kill if we just put a little thought into our outfits for the day. One of the things I remember my mother always saying was… “You just never know who you might run in to while you’re out.” So as I secretly drive around in my jammies while dropping my child off at school, I’m always praying not to be in an accident where I would have to get out of the car dressed in that condition.
Trust me, I’m not an expert. I’m just a normal everyday person whose best accessories are my manners and a smile.

Fashion Weekend in Eindhoven started today and will be in full swing tomorrow as well with different events throughout the centrum. It’s my understanding that there will be 35 fashion shows throughout the weekend. Hope everyone has fun!

Here’s to my favorite little model. Can’t get any better than Carrie Bradshaw!

Get back up and keep on walking!


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