What’s better than a day with friends? How about.. a day with friends and a day of wine tasting? With the holiday’s fast approaching and our schedules about to get busy, some friends of mine and I all decided to spend the day together in Eersel, The Netherlands. We started with lunch at Café Vierteen on the square in Eersel. After lunch it was just a stroll across the street to Ad Kuyten Specialiteiten.

This beautiful little specialty shop is nestled into the charming Eersel village square. The owners this past weekend were celebrating 30 years of success and what better to way celebrate than hosting a wine tasting.

 With wines lined up from France, Italy, Spain and more, my friends and I strolled, sipped and laughed our way through the many different delights. Some of us enjoyed the whites and some of us enjoyed the reds. I got stuck on #42. Yes, I realize that is a very large number for a wine tasting but I didn’t try ALL of the wines before this one. We did have one kind woman come up to us and ask who our BOB was. For my American friends, Bob is the designated driver of the group. So the Dutch always ask “Who’s your Bob?”.  Yes, we would all be safe.

Munching on crackers and making our selections we all carried out our goodies. Happy with our day, happy with our purchases, happy to be with friends.

To making each day count!

And to Ad Kuyten Specialiteiten, congratulations on your thirty years, may you have many more.


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