Well, Ohio State beat Michigan today. And as much as it pains me to hear this news, I know that somewhere in the stands at the Ohio State University is a family that is smiling. They know that a girl half a world away in The Netherlands will be toasting to the memory of their fallen family member, Rodney Renfrew.

When I was a little girl growing up in Plymouth, Michigan, my mother's friends all used to gather in the city's park after the game. Who ever lost the game, those friends had to sing the other team's fight song to their friends. The bantering was all done out of love for each other and their friendship.

And so... as I can't be there to sing... I'll send this little song to all. Rodney... Here's to you! We are ever so grateful for the sacrifice you made for our beautiful country. Thank you so very much.


And one of my favorite things the OSU band does.....


Rodney's grave in Belgium


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