Little Bear Lake

A misty fog across the lake

One last look my eyes will take.

The loon calling to others     

A calming sound to the soul of lovers.

Acorns falling from the trees

Leaves changing colors for all to see.

The little white cottage that sits on the hill

It’s time to say good bye as the air starts to chill.

Little Bear Lake, my childhood friend

Thanks for the memories from this summer’s end.


  1. Beautiful post! Just looking at the pictures made me more relaxed.

  2. I have the sweetest memories of our (childhood) summer house. We kids left in the mornings, disappeared all day into the surrounding woods, only to show up happily dirty, tired, and hungry around night fall. Good times!

    Thanks for sharing yours.

    1. Same thing here too Megan... we could go 5 cottages to the right, 5 to the left and didn't come home till we were hungry. Now... coffee hour becomes happy hour and it's one long laugh fest from the porch over looking this beautiful place.

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  4. I'm a big city girl, this is why I am so happy to be back in Bellingham, WA where it is full of trees and greenery is all around you! I want my boys to grow up and go exploring all day! Little Bear Lake looks like a beautiful place, thanks for sharing!


    1. The perfect life begins with the perfect childhood... running, exploring, swimming and being out doors. Sounds like you've got the perfect place for your boys! Enjoy :)

  5. Little Bear Lake holds so many beautiful memories for all of us. And now we've added great times to add to those. It was the best two you.


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