My Secret Little Garden

When we moved from the United States to The Netherlands we found a beautiful home. I had a ton of friends and family telling me I should be doing International House Hunters. The move was so emotional for me I knew I would never be able to do that without crying on TV. But I did have fun with my friends by posting pictures on Facebook and finally letting everyone know which house we had picked. Along with our beautiful home came a beautiful garden.

I’m not sure when peak season is in my yard; I can only say that there is always something in bloom or something new to be seen. I found so much beauty in every yard we had looked at.  After a few days of wandering around the yard taking in all of the beauty I panicked. I couldn’t find a sprinkler system. But then standing in the rain, I realized that God had that covered.

We called the local landscaper or gardener as they are called here to come help me identify and understand how to care for the garden. He had grown up right down the street and took care of the yards of many of my neighbors. His comment… “You have a very old garden.” I asked, “Should I do this or that?” “No, you have a very old garden. It will take care of itself.”

With that all settled my job was, to sit back and enjoy. And that I do every day. Today the forecast… Sunny with a slice of Heaven.


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