The Kroller-Muller

As part of my joy of experiencing Europe, I really love finding places to visit that I normally would not have seen on a trip to Europe. But just a short drive from Eindhoven with friends and we were driving through the entrance and beautiful 62 acre park of De Hoge Veluwe and The Kroller-Muller Museum.

Helene Muller was from Germany but moved to The Netherlands with her family because of her father’s work. She met Anton Kroller when he came to work for her father. They married and Anton eventually became the head of the company where he was very successful. Helene began collecting art and her collection became quite extensive.
My friend Carrie who was an Art History teacher was with us and really made the trip so enjoyable. She was able to tell us the background of the artists and stories behind the work or pictures. Carrie says "Modern art is not about the finished product but the idea behind it." I love that. It really helps to bring modern art to my understanding. There were a few I had to question though. 

Herman de Vries

Ad Reinhardt
Ultimate Painting No. 39
(I'm wondering what the other 38 before this looked like. Funny thing was, we were surrounded by van Gogh's and this one had a sign that said stay behind the line. Of course Megan while posing for this picture set off the alarm!)

 There are too many artists for me to mention but there is a large collection of Vincent van Gogh’s. Helene  fell in love with his work and purchased an impressive amount of his impressionistic paintings.

Vincent van Gogh
Country road in Provance by night

Vincent van Gogh
Portret van Joseph Roulin

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh
Landscape with wheat sheaves and rising moon

 Also a few of my other favorites.. George Seurat and Pablo Picasso are there for the viewer’s pleasure.

Pablo Picasso

Georges Seurat
Le Chahut

The museum is divided into rooms and is not too large. Outside there is a large sculpture garden plus the expanse of a nature park.

 A short drive away but still on the grounds is the St. Hubertus Hunting Lodge. The shape of the lodge if seen from above is in the shape of antlers and a cross. This is showing Anton’s love for hunting and his faith.

With a restaurant on the grounds as well that serves cafeteria style a wonderful day trip is well in reach. Bikes can be borrowed to ride through the park as well making it a fabulous way to spend a day. This American Girl will definitely be back to The Kroller-Muller Museum with friends and visitors. Thanks Helene for having a vision that was a gift to the world.

Claude Monet
The Studio Boat


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