Sunday, March 18, 2012

Living Life Inside a Postcard

It’s Sunday morning and the church bells are ringing. I’m so thankful to God for what I have in my life. I am thankful for my beautiful family, my wonderful friends and an amazing opportunity to explore places around the world.

Sometimes I’ll be driving down the road or just sitting in my living room looking out to the lake behind my house and I think to myself “I live in Europe. How the heck did this happen?” I know this time in my life will not last forever so I try to make sure to take advantage of the world around me as much as possible. I still have the responsibilities of normal life…. Kids, school, activities, marriage, dinners, friends. But, I want to make sure to enjoy this time for myself as well. As a mom it’s so easy to become the person who takes care of everyone around yourself but yourself. That is definitely me. But as my children have gotten older and two of them have left for their own adventures, I’ve tried to connect back to myself. What do I like? What do I want to see? What makes me happy? Easier said than done, but I’m working on connecting more with myself. With this on my mind and moving to a new country, I am stepping out my door and into the wonderful post card life surrounding me.

It’s almost tulip season. I’m so excited because last year when I was here looking for our house it was tulip season, but I was so jet lagged that I was hazy with the need for sleep through most of it. I’m looking forward to the many places to visit and explore the beautiful fields and fields of tulips. They are incredibly beautiful.

In a few weeks my daughter is flying in from the states. We have a mommy daughter trip to Paris planned. I really don’t feel comfortable driving to Paris on my own yet so we are taking a bus tour. For only 169.E each we get our travel, hotel, breakfast and several tours in Paris. I’ve never done a bus tour but for that price, how can I pass it up? The tour guide will be speaking Dutch the entire time and I do not speak Dutch but Marie and I have decided we will just make up our own version of what we are seeing. It will be way more fun and I’m sure very funny!!

We all live by a place that sells post cards. Sometimes, we forget how beautiful and exciting the places are that we live by. The next time I’m in the States, I plan to buy a few and see where I should be exploring for new adventures. So from my post card to yours ~ Happy Travels!

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