Sunday, December 4, 2011

Have Friends... Will Travel

Before I moved to The Netherlands, I called my friend Marion. She had lived here many years ago and I knew she would understand my anxiety about leaving my friends and family and about starting a new life. She had many pieces of advice but the best was to get involved with positive people. She gave me two very good suggestions and that’s what I did. I joined two organizations for women, The North American Women’s Club and The International Women’s Club of Eindhoven. Through these two organizations, I have discovered a new sense of bravery and a desire to do and see more in my life.
Within the organizations there are many interest groups to join. I truly do not like to get overwhelmed with too many activities in my life, so I chose carefully. I joined the book club, art appreciation, cultural club, Italian conversation (which I call Italian listening, because I don’t speak any Italian at all) and walking club. There are also various lunches and get togethers throughout the month. It sounds like a lot, but these things only take up a morning or evening once or twice a month.  
What I have enjoyed the most besides discovering so many new places and things to do, are the friends that I’ve made. These women are so inspirational and brave. They help each other and share their experiences. They have the best tips on what to see or where to go. They know how to survive living away from family and friends. Without even realizing how much they’ve touched my life, they have helped me to discover myself. I’m so blessed to have them in my life. Thank you girls!

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