Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Gardens of Versailles

The Gardens of Versailles

The Front of the Versailles Palace

To the west of the Palace of Versailles, lies 800 hectares of land that has been cleared, trimmed, trained, artistically designed and lovingly cared for by the gardeners of Versailles. Beginning with principal gardener Andre’ Le Norte, between 1661-1700, the gardens were designed in a French Garden style which is based on symmetry and commanding order on nature.

Aerial view of the Gardens of Versailles
By ToucanWings - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

If you visit Versailles, please step outside and enjoy this amazing splendor of nature. If you would like, you can rent golf carts to get around the gardens at a quicker pace or you can just wander and walk. The day we visited the Palace and the gardens was a cold day so we opted for the golf cart ride. We also enjoyed the hot chocolate that was sold right by the golf cart rental. It tasted like a chocolate bar had been melted for a drink. Cocoa in hand, and a fabulous way to travel, off we went to explore the gardens.

My husband looks cold but always ready to drive a golf cart.

Bassin Apollo Fountain

I'm sure the water is cold but oh so pretty!

Marie Antoinette's house at Versailles

The Grand Canal

Looking towards the back of the Palace Versailles

I will say my only disappointment was that we visited during the winter. I’m sure spring time would be the perfect time to enjoy the gardens. But with hot cocoa and enjoying being out with nature, who could complain. True beauty!!!! If you haven't seen the movie A Little Chaos I would highly recommend it.

A truly beautiful story about the building of the Bosquet De La Salle De Bal at Versailles.

Versailles Palace and Gardens.... Bucket List Checked!

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