Laughing Out Loud ~ The Day I Spent Making Chocolate Candy

Laughing Out Loud

The Day I Spent Making Chocolate Candy

Don’t you just love to laugh? I truly believe that life is more enjoyable when you get to laugh. I try to surround myself with people who are cheerful and amusing.

Growing up, I loved watching the tv show I Love Lucy. Of course it was in black and white. With my mother sitting by my side, we would laugh and joy would fill our house. After losing my mom several years ago, it took me only a little while to realize that Lucy will always remind me of my mother. Although Lucille Ball was a few years older than my mom, the style, the mannerisms, the laughter were all so similar to my mom.

The I Love Lucy show has some great classics episodes. My favorite was the one where Lucy gets a tad tipsy selling Vitemeatavegamin.
Trying desperately to get the script right all while having to taste over and over the little bottle of peppiness. Are you unpoopular? Do you pop out at parties? hahhaa

Another one of my favorite I Love Lucy episodes was called Job Switch. Lucy and Ethel get jobs at a Chocolate factory while Ricky and Fred hold down the house doing housework.
Of course who would not want to repeat the fun of Lucy and Ethel making chocolate candy? And that’s exactly what my friends and I did!

First my friends and I stopped in the centrum of Valkenswaard for lunch at a lovely little place was called Miss Coffee.  

We were served an array of salads, sandwiches, fruit and desserts. It was truly delightful. Next we drove 5 more minutes to Winter’s Chocolaterie.

We immediately put on our little plastic aprons, and our little plastic bonnets. We all washed our hands several times and then we were ready to learn and discover.

Mixing all the ingredients to make chocolate was so much fun (and delicious). Milk, pure and white chocolate… coming fresh from the mixer… just a fabulous messy delight.

We all got to pour and mold our own candies and then take them home. Mine I filled with hazelnut filling. Oh my!! 

And we did our very best to not let any chocolates get past us so we wouldn’t get fired!  Oh we for sure were on a sugar high. Laughing and having so much fun. At the end, we asked our teacher to take a silly photo of us playing out the I Love Lucy moment… right before she and Ethel get fired. Oh I Love Lucy!

Thank you Winter’s Chocolate for letting us come have fun in your factory. Truly a dream.


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