Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Little Dutch ABC Book H

My Little Dutch ABC Book


Huisarts ~ Family Doctor

When I first arrived in The Netherlands, I quickly discovered the process of seeing the doctor as I was already on some medications and needed them to be monitored. I was told where to register at my neighborhood medical office. No we did not get to choose from all over the city. Everyone in my neighborhood went to the same one, but within the medical office there were about 4-5 doctors to choose from.

As I entered the office I went into a large waiting area that I noticed was full of many people chatting (because they’re all neighbors!). A lovely coat rack was full of rain coats as it was raining that morning. This is pretty standard at most areas like restaurants and offices. I opted to hold onto mine as I have a fear of lice or someone walking off with the wrong coat (mine).

The young assistant came out and called my name and I followed her to a room. To my surprise the young assistant was to be my doctor. When I say young, I mean early 20’s, just starting her learning to become a doctor. I asked politely if there was another doctor and she said yes, of course. Sorry but I have grown up adult medical needs and wanted someone a little older than Doogie to be tending to me.

It all worked out fine but I will say after I moved to my new home in my new little village I feel much more at ease. My doctors know me well. And one of the greatest joys I have is to be out and see my doctor biking with his dog waving a hearty hello to me. Yes, he knows me and I know him. The perfect way to make me feel comfortable.

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