Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Little Dutch ABC Book ~ A

My Little Dutch ABC Book


Aardappel ~ Potato This is a great word to know as you will see and use it often. My most favorite part about the aardappels in The Netherlands is that apparently the people listened when Vincent van Gogh painted his famous paintings

The Potato Eaters in 1885

 and his painting 

The Potato Peeler 1885

  These painting were part of his famous series of Peasant Character Studies. When Vincent said peel and eat potatoes… the people of The Netherlands did… and so I have not had to peel any potatoes while I have lived here. 

I love it! They come in a variety of shapes 


and sizes 


and delicious dishes ready to be heated and served. 

Au gratin

But what ever you do... don't forget the frietjes and mayo!

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