New Year's Eve Fireworks in The Netherlands~ I'm Not a Fan!

Tic Tic Boom!

Every New Years eve in  the great land of windmills and tulips... the crazies come out of hiding. People who on a normal day would bike their children to and from school, bike to the market and to work, shop or enjoy coffee or a meal with a good friend somehow lose their mind when it comes to celebrating New Years Eve. Parents, young young children, teens and even older people shoot off their own display of firework celebrations. Now mind you most people in the world enjoy a good fireworks show. But most do not have in their possession mounds and mounds of fireworks or even professional grade displays.

The calm peaceful beautiful people of The Netherlands who on a normal day take the responsibility of having a pet better than anyone I've ever seen somehow think this kind of celebration is ok for a dog or a cat. On this night of insanity.. it's definitely a night to put your beloved 4 legged family members inside for the night in an area where they will be safe and secure.

 I have only heard stories and seen pictures of the actual New Year's Eve craziness but I have witnessed it days after it was over plus the mess people make during their celebration. One night a few days after, I was driving through the little town of Schijk. Children of about the age of 6 or 7 were shooting rocket type fireworks AT cars as they passed by. They didn't hit my car but I have to say it scared the crap out of me!!!  I looked for the parents... none to be found. They were all in the bar! Really?!

I've heard of people loosing fingers, hands, eye sight... and even their lives. Countless animals are injured in the blasting, but it still continues. I guess everyone always thinks it will happen to someone else. There has to be a safer way to celebrate without blowing yourself  or others up. 


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