Wednesday, June 18, 2014

That’s Amore ~ My trip to Venice… The City of Bridges

That’s Amore ~ My trip to Venice… 

The City of Bridges

Well…. I can’t help but sing this song when thinking about my recent trip to Venice, Italy. My husband and I were celebrating 30 years of marriage and wanted to do something really special since we are living in Europe. Neither one of us had ever been to Venice so we were both looking forward to discovering the city together.
Upon arrival at the Venice airport we took a water taxi to our hotel. For some reason, back when I started having children I began to fear boats. Not small boats but fast boats. I think my fear of not being able to get my children safely to shore if something should happen stressed me out. That and watching the movie Titanic! Trust me.. I will never go on a cruise. But with no other option in my husband’s plan, 

I accepted his hand and climbed onto the taxi. Once I got over the shock and looked around I was giddy with delight. It was so amazingly beautiful!!!

After unpacking we decided to go casually explore the area of St. Mark's Square.. plus we had already figured out that there was a Hard Rock in Venice. Now… I realize, this may sound dumb to some people. Go all the way to Italy to have American food. Well… there are several reasons this is our thing. We are American. We miss the food from America.
A few years ago 

 We enjoy finding all the Hard Rock’s around the world that we can. It’s a great way to collect pins, t shirts and hats and it’s fun to see how the different Hard Rocks are decorated and how they are set up in each local around the world… and such a great memory for us.

We spent the rest of our trip lounging by the pool, ordering fabulous cocktails, doing a walking tour of Venice, getting lost and loving it, discovering the beauty of the architecture, the amazing depths of when the water floods into the city and how the resilient people of Venice coped with the water. 

The city of Venice consists of 118 little islands. The city and lagoon are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wooden piles are submerged into the water and then deep into sand, mud and clay. The foundations and buildings are then built upon the piles. Truly amazing!

Celebrating 30 years of love in the City of Romance ~ Venice… Absolutely!

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