Fashion Friday’s Trick or Treat?

Fashion Friday’s
Trick or Treat?

It’s my understanding that the fun spooky night celebration of Halloween is starting to spread in The Netherlands. I know this must be true because I had two adorable Trick or Treaters at my house one day. Dressed adorably and delighted with their treats.

But today is about fashion.. Fashion Friday’s to be exact. And let me tell you.. my friend Sam is always dressed fabulously!

Every year she makes her own costume for Halloween and this year was no exception. Here’s Sam.. this week’s pick for Fashion Friday dressed as a Black Widow Spider caught in her own web.

Funny or Fabulous?

I’d say pretty Freakin Fabulous!!!

The leaves are turning color and there’s a chill in the air
Pumpkins are turning into Jack-O-Lanterns
So children better be aware.
A celebration in the States is starting to spread
People dressed up as funny characters some alive and some dead.
Halloween, the night when children walk the street
Ringing doorbells, laughing and shouting Trick or Treat!
Candies, and goodies fill their bags with such delight
Trading with each other, after a long spooky night.

Happy Halloween and to all a good night!


  1. Yes I also heard it's getting more and more popular in the Netherlands, I had enough candy in the house but there were no trick or treat'ers at the door for the entire day:)


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