The Old Man

Duty, loyalty and patriotism are just a few words that come to mind when thinking of General George S. Patton, so when friends asked if we would like to drive to see where Patton was buried, we said yes! As an American, what better way to celebrate Memorial Day. 

There has been a lot of information written about General Patton but I thought I would just like to include this prayer he sent his men of the Third Army on December 8, 1944. To me, this says it all… a God loving man who believed in helping others in a land far away from his family.

General Patton died on December 21, 1945, due to complications from a car accident and was laid to rest per his request with his men at the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial in Hamm, Luxembourg. 

(The view from behind General Patton's grave~looking over his men)

 It was an honor to be able to visit this magnificent cemetery that is the resting place for 5076 fallen soldiers. Among them there are 101 unknown soldiers, 22 sets of brothers and 1 female nurse, all with their leader forever watching over them.

Wars may be won with weapons, but they are fought by men"
General George Smith Patton Junior


  1. This is such a touching blog. Full of knowledge that we either did not know, or did not remember... Thank you for a trip through history.

  2. Have you watched the 1970 movie about Patton (it is very good). I didn't know he was buried so close-by.

    1. No, I haven't.. I'll have to tune in. Thanks Rob!


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