Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I’ve always thought the concept of being in two places at once was a wonderful idea. I especially wish this now as I live in The Netherlands but am very homesick for my children, family and friends who live so far away in the United States. My dream would be to take the beauty of The Netherlands home with me to the States. Trust me, there are some of the most beautiful places on earth in the good ole US of A, and I’ve seen my share them. Here are a few pictures of the beautiful places I’ve been in the States….

But being an expat, you are sent to do a job in a country where you never even dreamed you would be able to see, let alone live in.  This is one of the many blessings of being an expat. This spring and summer I have many friends and family that will make the trek across the pond to visit us here. I’ve been coming up with my best ideas of where to take everyone. Truly there is so much to see right here you don’t even need to leave The Netherlands, but that’s part of the fun of coming to Europe. The many countries are so close together, driving from country to country even in a single day is manageable. That’s when I remembered something very fun!

In The Netherlands there is a place where you can be in THREE places at once and that’s near Vaals. A drielandenpunt is where three countries come together at a point. The countries of Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands come together with a magnificent view. This is the highest point in The Netherlands at 323 meters.

Last year while my daughter was visiting we took the short drive to Vaals. The road to the point in The Netherlands is called Viergrenzenweg or four borders road. At one time the area came together in a point with four countries that included Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Nuetral Moresnet .But this ended in 1919 when Nuetral Moresnet was absorbed into Belgium.

After parking we wandered from country to country trying to find the Drielandenpunt. And then we spotted it. A stone monument that has the countries clearly marked on all three sides. We gathered around snapping pictures and enjoying the fact that we were in three different countries at the same time. Then onto shop and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa.

If you come to this area.. it’s a great thing to put on your to-do list. Drielandenpunt.. standing in three different countries at the same time.. Freakin Fabulous!!!

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