Fortunately –Unfortunately

Fortunately sometimes a rare opportunity comes along and brings you and your family to a faraway land.

Unfortunately, that move takes you far away from others you love.

Fortunately there are times when they get to come for a visit or you get to go back home for a visit.

Unfortunately that doesn’t happen often enough.

Fortunately if you are lucky, you will meet others who are in the same situation as yourself. And if you are really lucky you are able to call these people your friends.

Unfortunately, all too soon, the job they were sent here to do ends and one of them leaves to go back home.

Fortunately, after they dry their tears, they will usually throw you a going away party.

Unfortunately, after the wine is all gone, usually the friends will say good bye as well.

Fortunately, organizing the movers over the next several days keeps your mind occupied and gives your heart a chance to heal.

Unfortunately, the time comes, when the last box has been loaded onto the truck ready to be shipped across the sea to great lands.

Fortunately, things settle down, holidays come and go and life begins to march on.

Unfortunately, there is always one missing from the group at lunch. Their smile, their whit, their charm, their amazing style and grace.

Fortunately, sometimes the spouse, friend, life partner.. whoever needs to travel again for work to the same location. And sometimes your friends find out and welcome you back with open arms. And sometimes, once again you can hear the laughter, the tears, the funny stories and more. And fortunately, you know deep in your heart, you will always call them friends. 

Welcome back to The Netherlands Becky.


  1. Fortunately our paths have crossed here in the Netherlands, and for that I am truly thankful! Although the time will come for us to say our goodbye's, I know our reunions will be filled with love and laughter... and funny stories of course!

  2. Fortunately, we have two weeks to spoil her and ourselves rotten.


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