Welcome to Texas Y'all!

With the Holiday season quickly approaching; our family left The Netherlands to travel back to the States to be with the rest of our family. Stockings were hung, presents had been purchased and the tree was trimmed. We arrived in Dallas with our family already gathered and waiting. And while we always go to mass on Christmas Eve and open presents Christmas morning, there was one gift from my daughter and her boyfriend that we got to enjoy early. Christmas at Jerry’s house. That would be Jerry Jones.. owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboy’s would be playing the New Orleans’s Saints and the game would start at noon. And in true classic football style, we decided to tailgate before the game. We arrived at the stadium at 9:30am.. broke out the cocktails and the  grill to make breakfast burritos with  grilled sausage, scrambled eggs and salsa.

Heading into the stadium, we were thrilled to run into our friends Karen and Ed. Hugs, laughter and catching up with each other…. Priceless.

The Dallas Cowboys are known as America’s team. They are as iconic as they come. Even the roof was open that glorious day so that God could watch his team. Tony Romo lead his team through a tough match and the Cowboy’s Cheerleaders delighted the crowd with cute little Santa outfits on.

The Saints came out on top that day after going into overtime. But the true gift of that day was the time spent with my family. It’s memories like this that make life so precious.

Flying into America and getting to watch one of the best football teams in America, the Dallas Cowboys…..Outstanding!


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