Flowers and Sunshine and Swans…. Oh My!

Today I took a little drive a short distance from the Schiphol airport to Lisse. This is where Keukenhof Holland is located. This tiny little town is home to the world famous Keukenhof flower show. A short 1 ½ hour drive and we were driving our way through the gates of beauty. Experts were there awaiting our arrival and ready to help us get parked.

For a few weeks it had been rainy. I had kept putting off the visit waiting for a sunny day. With one not in sight and time rapidly running out before my daughter was to leave, we left for Keukenhof on a cloudy day. But the Bumblebee Gods were watching over us. On the menu for that day, Sun, the perfect backdrop for a beautiful garden.

With over 7 million flower bulbs planted by hand, the Keukenhof was ready to put on a display of magnificence. We wandered around the many gardens careful not to step on the grass. People were everywhere taking photos.

After a nice lunch and a swoop through one of the many gift shops we headed out of the park to see the tulip fields. They are literally shocking! Row after row, color after color. Fields lined with tulips of every color of the rainbow.

I was so happy we had a beautiful sunny day for our trip to the Keukenhof.  And as we drove towards Eindhoven the rain began to fall.


  1. Wow, such a beautiful place with a many flowers, colors....really fantastic...
    I have just found your lovely Blog. I hope you enjoy mine too....

  2. Hi Ela, thank you so very much! I love your blog!!! Poland is on my list of places I want to see. Maybe someday.....


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