Excuse me Sir, Do you Bark English?

Even though it’s a beautiful day
It’s true, it’s true, I’ve lost my way.
I was in my yard chasing a bunny
When I thought to myself.. this guy is funny.

We ran, we jumped all over my yard,
Through the grass, through bushes.. it wasn’t that hard.
Under a fence, he thought he was slick,
But I said to that bunny “I can do that trick”!
Round and round we chased about
Round and round in and out.

Then the bunny stopped and said “So Long”
That’s when I looked around and knew something was wrong.
I wasn’t in my yard where I was supposed to be
I didn’t know where I was, Oh Mercy me.

I have a Sugar and family where did they go?
I have to get home, they love me so.

You’ve stopped to pet me and let me lick your hand
But what you don’t know is that I don’t understand.
I was born in Holland that much is true
But I only bark English, no Dutch for this dude.

But sir, if you please, I have a chip in my neck
If you call the doggy hotel they’ll say what the heck!
We know this little guy, he’s been here before
Let us call up his family, and he’ll be home before four.

So thank you kind sir, for being nice to me
 Thanks to you, I’m back at home where I should be.

Your Friend,


  1. I love it! Glad he's home with his English speaking family!


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